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Tick Control in NYC

Tick Control NYC | Tick Treatment NYC - banner Tick infestations are not only disgusting but can also be huge health risks. They are parasitic and well known for being carriers of Lyme disease and many other blood diseases. If you have ticks infesting your home or business, Mite Buster is a NYC tick extermination company that uses safe and all natural pest control products when dealing with pest removal.

Many companies use toxic sprays to deal with tick and other insect infestations. This may be a good way to rid your home of the pests, but it also leaves deadly poisons where you live and breathe. The methods that we use at Mite Buster are never harmful for your home or business’s inhabitants.

We have unique equipment and methods that we use to deal with pests. If you are experiencing any insect problems, we can schedule a free inspection and consultation. Each individual problem should warrant a unique solution that will work best.

We give thorough inspections and check in every crack or crevice that ticks may be nesting in. We will check the areas around where your dog or cat likes to sleep. We will then sanitize any infected mattress or furniture with our safe non-toxic sprays. Our all natural solution causing insects to molt prematurely which brings on instant death.

We sell all of our non-toxic solutions and also give a free 32 ounce bottle of our All Natural Flea and Tick Solution as well as free mattress covers along with our NYC tick removal services. We offer all of our services to the greater Tri-State Area. For more information on our tick removal services and a free tick control quote,

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