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Roach Control in NYC

Roach Control NYC | Roach Pest Control NYC - banner Roaches are one of the most common insect problems for people living in urban areas. They are known for being steadfast in harsh living conditions. Their reputation for survival is so well known that many people often joke that they are the only living creatures able to withstand a nuclear bomb. While that may not be true, it is a fact that they will not survive Mite Buster’s excellent pest control services in NYC.

Roaches can carry pathogens and diseases. This can make people sick or heighten allergic reactions. They can live in water and are able to live for up to three months with no food or water. They are nocturnal and will run from lights. If you see a roach in daylight hours that means the search for food is hard due to overpopulation of roaches who can lay up to 400 eggs during their two year lifespan.

At Mite Busters, we only use safe and non-toxic solutions with all of our NYC pest control methods. The sprays that most companies use to treat roach infestation can leave residue that is harmful to people. We use special sprays and all of the most up to date methods for all of our pest control services. We assess each individual problem in order to apply the best solution for it.

We can schedule monthly or quarterly inspection programs. After that, we offer free consultation to discuss the methods that we would like to take. We are thorough to inspect any cracks or crevices that may be inhabited and then flush the roaches out using all of the latest equipment. After all of the dead roaches are vacuumed up, we apply residual solutions to ensure that roaches and other insects do not return.

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