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Pigeon Control in NYC

Pigeon Control NYC | Bird Control NYC - banner What do you think of when you hear the word ‘pigeon’? Most of us have encountered these creatures – with their grey plumage, short torsos and tiny legs – in metropolitan areas throughout the years. New York City is over-run with these birds, much to the chagrin of many Manhattan residents and visitors. While we may assume that pigeons are simply a nuisance, they actually pose some serious health concerns. That is why, at Mite Buster, we are happy to offer reliable and efficient pigeon removal services in NYC.

If a pigeon sets up shop on your balcony or inside your attic you need to call our pest control company immediately. When pigeons nest, their feces and feathers will begin to accumulate. Aside from creating a mess, these droppings are made of fungi and spores that are dangerous to inhale and co-exist with. As our trained and knowledgeable NYC pigeon removal experts can tell you, pigeon droppings have been found to cause several different types of diseases. One such illness is called cryptococcosis, which is a strain of lung infection. These birds can also carry encephalitis viruses which can cause a lot of harm to individuals with a less than stellar immune system.

Mite Buster is your number one choice for NYC pigeon control. We specialize in using environmentally-friendly and humane methods of removal. Along with cleaning up the mess that these pigeons leave behind, we will seal off any areas that are prone to break-ins, and spray a solution that will prevent the birds from returning to your home or office.

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