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Flea Control NYC | Flea Treatment NYC - banner Fleas can be a big problem if you own a pet. Problems can quickly escalate, since they multiply very quickly. Because of their tiny and narrow physique, they are tough to spot and even tougher to kill. Poison sprays often do not work on them, so you may unnecessarily be filling your home or business with toxic and harmful chemicals.

Mite Buster is an NYC flea extermination company that provides safe and environmentally friendly methods in flea removal. We have a thorough process for fleas and all of your pest control needs. First, we will provide a free inspection of your home. We will check all the spots where the fleas may lay their eggs. Next, we will offer a free consultation to discuss what we feel is the best removal method.

We also have special equipment to clean your mattress or any areas that your dogs or cats may sleep. When this is completed, we apply a safe, non-toxic, all natural solution to any areas that we feel may have fleas. This solution will kill any remaining fleas immediately.

If you suspect that your pet has fleas, there are a couple places to check on your pet. They tend to hide behind the ears, at the base of the tail, on the stomach or between the toes. Fleas can lift 400 times their own body weight and can jump up to 200 times their body length. They eat animals’ blood and leave itchy rashes. They can theoretically produce a trillion offspring in one year.

We also sell our natural insect removal products and include a free 32 ounce bottle of our All Natural Flea and Tick Solution along with our NYC flea removal services. For more information, call us at 1-347-334-6060 for a free flea control quote.