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MiteBuster is a pest control company that seeks to help customers with its most frustrating pest problems. As a company, we have made a commitment to the environment and offer natural solutions that are both efficient and complete. Because the landscape of infestation is constantly changing, we employ IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods that only use the most up-to-date treatments. It might sound strange for us to say that dealing with these infestations is our passion, but we enjoy helping the home and business owners who need us.

Whether you live in a city or prefer the calmer environment of the suburbs, pest problems are always a possibility for your family or business. Many retail stores and websites offer products that give you the power to solve your own pest problems, but that is usually not enough to completely rid yourself of the pests. What a store or DIY product cannot offer is the insightful experience of pest professionals who have dealt with similar situations in the past. Having helped many families just like yours, we know the best practices to permanently rid homes and businesses of their infestation issues.

If you are starting to get itchy just reading this, then it is probably time to let us come inspect your home and diagnose the pest problems you are having. To find out more about the ways our pest control experts can help you and for a free pest control quote, call MiteBuster today at 347-334-6060. We look forward to hearing from you.

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